At Savills, we are pioneers in tenant advisory services and a trusted business partner of leading financial, professional services, technology, industrial and nonprofit organizations. We understand that your workplace is more than just real estate. It is a vital investment in your most valuable asset – your people. We help you craft solutions that amplify the power of your people.

Our integrated teams of brokers and consultants have the experience to help you realize your business goals. We have earned a reputation in the real estate industry for our tenant-centered approach, delivering unique solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our workplace strategy projects are helping organizations redefine the way they work, with innovative solutions that harness the latest technology in service of freeing up your people to perform at their peak abilities and collaborate in new and unexpected ways. 

Optimizing the workplace isn’t only about saving money per square foot, it’s also about attracting and retaining the best talent and inspiring them to be productive and to collaborate. We study how your people get to work; what they do while on site; how they interact with one another; and whether the space is conducive to your corporate goals and initiatives. Our workplace research and strategy can help your organization make more informed, people-centric and data-driven real estate decisions that will sustain and grow your business.

We understand that each client will have different needs and drivers. Our platform ensures real estate decisions are executed on a customized basis. We work closely with you to develop a business plan that accounts for the business rationale, criteria and extent to which your full real estate portfolio can be optimized. Our portfolio optimization process will address the number of offices, the location of offices, the functionality and business rationale of each office, and the design of each office. Savills will identify opportunities for workplace improvement and efficiency.

We are innovative negotiators. We understand that the hot opportunity of the moment may not offer the best long-term value for your company. With expertise in consulting, structured finance, workforce analytics and workplace strategy/occupant experience, we develop tailored solutions that support your profitability and productivity. We are driven to find the most creative way to optimize your negotiating position. We don’t rest until we have explored every angle.


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