Case Study



Softchoice is a leading North American provider of technology solutions and services, combining the efficiency and reliability of a national IT supplier with the personal touch and technical expertise of a local solutions provider. With more than 1,200 employees, Softchoice manages the technology needs of thousands of corporate and public sector organizations across the United States and Canada.

The Challenge

Softchoice has more than 40 office locations across the United States and Canada and needed to negotiate lease arrangements that provided maximum flexibility to meet its needs for future growth and expansion while also incorporating options to consolidate and reconfigure existing space to improve operational efficiencies.


Savills Response

Initiating its FLOW™ process, Savills completed a detailed business strategy analysis, aligning Softchoice’s corporate business plan to a formalized real estate plan that defined short- and long-term space requirements. It then conducted an extensive search of market alternatives, creating a competitive environment to either negotiate and restructure Softchoice’s lease or relocate its operations to alternate premises.

I can truly say that Savills has made a vast improvement to our real decision making process and delivered superior results versus the results obtained using conventional corporate real estate advisors/ brokers.

Raymond Brown, Facilities and Corporate Real Estate Manager, Softchoice

The Solution

Savills renegotiated and extended the lease for Softchoice’s 90,000-square-foot corporate head office space at 173 Dufferin Street as well as its satellite office measuring approximately 35,000 square feet in Oakville, Ontario. These leases satisfy both short-term requirements and long-term objectives, providing fixed opportunities for both expansion and contraction at or below market rates.

Savills currently works with Softchoice’s internal team to manage the more than 40 locations in its portfolio. Additional leases have been negotiated in St. Louis, Boston, Milwaukee, Quebec City, Austin, Phoenix, Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and LaJolla.