Case Study



Kia arrived in Canada only five years earlier, and had already created a commanding presence. It is the world’s eighth largest vehicle manufacturer and Canada’s fastest growing automotive company. Along with growth came the inevitability for a new Canadian Head Office and Distribution Centre. Savills responded to Kia Canada’s call to be its real estate advisor.

The Challenge

Kia’s objectives for this project were: (i) to move to a facility that would be capable of accommodating its growth over the next several years, and (ii) to strengthen its Canadian corporate image.


Savills Response

After an extensive search for a pre-existing facility for Kia, it became apparent that the best possible solution was to have a facility custom-built that would respond completely to their very explicit needs.


We needed a facility capable of supporting our anticipated growth over the next decade. Savills was with us every step of the way. At no time was any issue either too big or too small. It became clear that we’d have to build to suit. Savills innovative process in managing numerous competitive bids ensured we got the biggest bang for the buck

Donald Knowles, Real Estate, Kia

The Solution

Kia’s two objectives were met. Its new facility was constructed on land facing the south side of Highway 401 (just west of Hurontario St. in Mississauga, ON). The building’s façade incorporates a prominent showroom adjacent to main reception.

To realize the perfect equivalence of the most favourable rental rates with the most state-of-the-art facility possible, Savills launched a process in which several developers/landlords “bid” for Kia’s tenancy from an extremely detailed architectural spec. Kia moved in on time and on budget in January, 2005.