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Canada Health Infoway

Canada Health Infoway (“Infoway”) is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to delivering electronic health information safely and securely to ensure safer and more efficient health care. Funded by the federal government, Infoway works with each province and territory to develop and implement technologies that deliver accurate information to help patients manage their own health and make safe care decisions while protecting their confidentiality.

The Challenge

Infoway had leases on locations throughout Canada that were set to expire. As a not-for-profit that depended on federal funding, it was imperative that any new leases allowed significant flexibility to either expand, downsize or terminate, according to changeable funding. While Infoway preferred to remain in its existing locations, it did not want to be captive to its current landlords.

As a highly scrutinized federally funded organization, Infoway required the services of a process driven, conflict-free commercial real estate provider to guide it through what its internal team anticipated to be challenging lease negotiations. Infoway initiated a thorough RFP process and awarded Savills Studley the contract based on its Tenant First philosophy, its proven FLOW™ process and its Harvard-trained negotiation team.

Savills Studley’s Response

Savills Studley initiated high-level business planning sessions to align Infoway’s business plan with its real estate plan. Using its FLOW™ process, Savills Studley identified high priority sites amongst its existing locations and conducted a detailed analysis of each one to determine which locations could be reconfigured to maximize efficiencies.

To bolster Infoway’s negotiation strategy, Savills Studley sourced each market for potential relocation alternatives, toured the most competitive premises and initiated an RFP process amongst the various landlords in those markets, fostering a highly competitive negotiation process with Infoway’s existing landlords

The Solution

Savills Studley secured extended leases for all of Infoway’s existing locations along with significant reduction in real estate costs. Lease terms of three to five years were negotiated with rights to further extend or terminate these terms for either all or a portion of the premises depending on federal funding available.

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Stan Krawitz

Stan Krawitz

Vice Chairman, Founder, Head of Canada


+1 416 480 0745 Ext. 3030


Ken Norris

Ken Norris

Senior Vice President, Branch Manager – Ontario Office


+1 416 480 0745 Ext. 3047


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