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National Logistics Services

National Logistics Services (NLS) is Canada’s leading fashion logistics provider, delivering service to the retail fashion industry since 1967. NLS offers a full range of services including: Crossdock, fulfillment & replenishment, kitting, warehousing, DC by-pass, reverse logistics/recall management, and freight management as well as automation and a technical infrastructure for optimum through-put and speed-to-market. NLS’ facilities are strategically located in both Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC.

The Challenge

Experiencing unanticipated growth, NLS engaged the services of Savills Studley to assist in securing a larger facility within its strategically identified market. The key challenge would be meeting NLS’ extremely tight time requirements or otherwise risk delays in product delivery and breach of contractural obligations with its distributors.

Savills Studley’s Response

In response to NLS’ tight timing requirements, Savills Studley immediately put together a critical path to ensure the necessary due diligence and process would be adhered to. They conducted a targeted search of vacant premises, focusing on buildings that had been on the market for a long time, thereby strengthening NLS’s bargaining position.

The Solution

Savills Studley identified a landlord eager to lease its building and generate income and negotiated rental rates that are well below market. Given the building’s extended vacancy, NLS was able to move into the facility without any delay of its primary operations and maintained its dependable reputation with its customers.

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Key contacts

Stan Krawitz

Stan Krawitz

Vice Chairman, Founder, Head of Canada


+1 416 480 0745 Ext. 3030


Ken Norris

Ken Norris

Senior Vice President, Branch Manager – Ontario Office


+1 416 480 0745 Ext. 3047