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Keele Warehousing

A market specialist in importing and exporting dry and canned food products, Keele Warehousing and Logistics (Keele) offers a variety of warehousing services. Keele also offers transportation services through its transportation partners.

Its experience has allowed Keele to build excellent relationships with Agriculture Canada, Department of Fisheries and local Health Protection Branch.

The Challenge

Looking to take advantage of its facility’s vertical capacity, Keele engaged Savills Studley to locate premises which would reduce its overall area or “footprint” by raising its ceiling and maintaining, or even increasing, storage capacity.

Savills Studley’s Response

Savills Studley performed a targeted search of spaces that provided large bays containing ceiling heights of no less than 28 feet. Recognizing that buildings of this calibre typically demand a premium for their additional efficiency, Savills Studley limited its short list to only those alternatives that could provide rental savings over the existing facilities. They then created a bidding process between the short-listed landlords in order to negotiate the agreement that would best suit Keele.

The Solution

Savills Studley successfully negotiated a lease on a building that provides the same storage capacity as the former facility. The new space has less floor area, higher ceiling heights and a lower rent.

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Key contacts

Stan Krawitz

Stan Krawitz

Vice Chairman, Founder, Head of Canada


+1 416 480 0745 Ext. 3030


Ken Norris

Ken Norris

Senior Vice President, Branch Manager – Ontario Office


+1 416 480 0745 Ext. 3047