Our Commitments

Savills multidisciplinary teams of experienced corporate real estate professionals deliver results via integrated real estate solutions and strategic counsel, satisfying clients' needs and exceeding their expectations on a daily basis so they are free to focus on their business.

Our unique culture and approach demands that we do the right thing by our clients, our people and our communities, delivering sustainable results that respect each client’s specific goals and aspirations through every stage of the real estate process.

As such, we make the following commitments:

  • To our Clients — We commit to place the highest priority on the quality, timeliness and competitiveness of our services and solutions. We pursue our objective—to safeguard our clients’ best interests—with a commitment to personal integrity and the highest professional standards.
  • To our Colleagues — We commit to promote an environment that encourages new ideas, high-quality work and professional achievement. We treat our fellow employees honestly, fairly and ensure equal opportunity for employment and advancement. We share the rewards of success with those whose honest efforts contribute to that success.
  • To our Strategic Alliance Partners — We commit to being fair and professional in all our business dealings and to honour our undertakings. We conduct business only with suppliers and sub-contractors who adhere to our ethical standards and commitment to quality products and exceptional services.
  • To our Shareholders — We commit to enhance and preserve the reputation of the company and its value to our clients. We strive to achieve a fair return on our shareholders’ investment in us.
  • To our Global Community — We commit to be responsible citizens, respecting the laws and customs of each community in which we live and conduct business. We operate our business in ways that contribute to a sustainable environment with an ongoing commitment to give back to the communities in which we grow and prosper.

Our Values

These commitments translate to values that guide our business on a daily basis. These values encompass:

Performance and Client Satisfaction

Our principal role is to be trusted advisors in all matters affecting corporate real estate. We exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of responsiveness and dedication by consistently delivering high quality, integrated real estate solutions, on-time and in-budget.

One of our distinguishing hallmarks is the depth of our focus on our client’s mission. We respond not only to current requirements, but we also anticipate our client’s future needs.

Savills gained distinction in the commercial real estate industry by our ability to integrate with our clients’ executive teams, supporting them with outstanding professionals and resources.

Professional Integrity

Savills as a corporation, and our employees as individuals, commit to and are accountable for upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviour and professional integrity.

We create an ethical working environment in which clients and employees are treated with fairness and respect. Our clients demand this as a matter of principle. Our employees expect it as an essential part of a productive workplace. Our shareholders require it because it is the proven way to protect and grow their investment.

As our industry becomes more technology-based, we embrace an ethical responsibility to protect the private, privileged and proprietary data of our suppliers, strategic alliance partners and our clients.

Teamwork and Trust

People of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination—working closely with our clients and each other—have earned our reputation for pre-eminence. Recruiting excellence and supporting continuous learning continue to be the foundations of our success.

Savills attracts and motivates recognized leaders in their fields and supports them in their relationships with clients. We support these relationships with outstanding multi-disciplinary teams: professional, technical, marketing, managerial and administrative.

To serve our business objectives, we provide opportunities for our employees to improve their competencies and to grow professionally. We also encourage new approaches to internal team building, so that we organize the best talent within Savills to satisfy our clients’ needs and consistently exceed their expectations.


Savills is responsive to changing market opportunities and the benefits of new technologies. This responsiveness is critical to the company’s future as our client base grows. Competitive pressures intensify, technology evolves and information becomes ubiquitous—while knowledge becomes scarce.

We address these challenges by expanding our technical capabilities and integrating real estate solutions. Savills applies new technologies, with traditional skills and years of experience, to meet our clients’ changing real estate requirements. We selectively convert our unique knowledge and skills into proprietary solutions and real estate services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Savills develops the infrastructure and strategic relationships to represent our clients’ interests and to satisfy their real estate requirements in all markets. We make strategic acquisitions of companies and new capabilities to serve our clients better — where they are and where they want to be.


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