FLOW™ Process

We created the FLOW process to provide full-service solutions exclusively to the corporate space user. It is the process by which we fulfill our tenant-focused philosophy.

Our FLOW process safeguards tenant interests by integrating services that would otherwise be sourced to multiple service providers—resulting in conflicts of interest and hidden costs. Our process produces a solution that significantly reduces costs, aligns with your business objectives and reflects your brand and corporate culture.

The Four Steps of the FLOW Process:

Find An Optimal Solution

An optimal real estate solution is borne from strategic planning to ensure your real estate plan aligns with your business goals and objectives. It goes beyond location analysis. It lays the foundation for a comprehensive project plan that reflects your corporate brand and culture, meets the logistical needs of your daily operations and respects your financial goals and projected growth.

Locate The Ideal Premises

Locating the ideal premises is a twofold process:

  1. 1. Market research that locates the space that best meets your needs and objectives and
  2. 2. Negotiating expertise that delivers a solution that respects your budget.

Our market research team employs a wide range of resources around the globe that include innovative tools to provide the latest market information and analyses.

Our lease experts have received training in the art of negotiation from the Harvard Law School, Programme on Negotiation for Senior Managers, delivering higher value for your real estate portfolio at lower costs to your bottom line.

Outfit The Space Effectively

Our in-house project management and design teams eliminate the time-consuming tasks of designing, building, outfitting and moving. Our project management and design services provide you with quality, cost-effective results through a deliberate process that saves time and avoids hidden costs. Like our brokerage services, our Project Management team is independent of any contracts or agreements with any one service provider, making them accountable to you only. Throughout the process we provide seamless communication ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget with no miscommunication.

Work Exclusively For The Corporate Space User

The FLOW process allows Savills to offer an integrated suite of solutions to support you—the corporate space user—at every step of the process. We achieve superior results on time within budget. We work exclusively for the corporate tenant. Our process saves you time and money, provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on your core business—not your real estate challenges.


Speak to one of our market leaders to discuss how the FLOW™ process can help meet your specific corporate and financial goals.


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